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At home with H&M

In my never ending quest for finding the perfect furnishings for my new house, i have developed a love for the H&M home range, something i was aware of before but had never really looked, until one boring afternoon when I found several items that caught my eye. The frustrating thing is that this range is only available in the Oxford Street store (selected items) or online and i have had bad experiences with ordering online, so this may well just be something that i lust over but never buy! 

A fairly small range but a good starting point, the brand covers most soft essential items - from cushions and throws to bedding and storage plus a small kitchenware offering but its main focus is textiles. A good range of price points too with many items coming in at under £20. The current range is a great mix of grey's and neutrals with pops of colour, great for me as these are the colours I need! These are my favourite pieces, and I may have to give in and order online, unless I find better elsewhere. 

Cushions: Boucle £7.99, Boucle metallic £12.99, Textured Moss Knit £14.99, 
Linen stripe £12.99, Twill block stripe £6.99
Duvet sets: Butterflies £29.99, Vintage £34.99, Polka dot £29.99
Jacquard weave blanket £24.99

Have you heard of / seen the home range? Would love to hear from you if you bought anything.

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  1. Anonymous07 June, 2014

    I didn't know H&M did home textiles. Thanks for sharing this!
    Gemma x


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