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Wearable Art

In recent years the links between art and fashion have become more and more apparent. I have always felt that fashion is art - it is how we express ourselves everyday but i love that designers are really embracing this and creating pieces that really are wearable art. The designer that has really caught my eye recently is Sophia Webster.... i had never heard of her before but every since i saw her collaboration with American super brand J Crew, i have seen her designs everywhere and my Instagram account went crazy with shots from her latest press day and i was so impressed with the variety of pieces and the playful nature of the styles, especially the use of slogan's (not something usually used on footwear) on such feminine shoes. There are a couple of styles i would have loved to have worn at my wedding, so much so i am considering a pair to go with my maid of honour dress for my little sisters wedding - watch this space....

1. Oprah - "Sweet Talk" Slogan heels £395. 2. Jerry - the perfect flat partner to Oprah £290.
3. Jemima - Striped and jewelled, a great combination £445. 4. Peron - who doesn't love a pair of shoes covered in hearts? £295. 5. Rosa - the fashionista's, grown up jelly shoe £210.
6. Chiara - my favourite, statement butterflies, enough said! £410

The mix of styles within the SS14 collection are amazing - from the simple slogan ballet flat to the ornate butterfly heels. With some glamourous everyday choices and some much more intricate and flamboyant pieces, there really is something for every occasion and these beautiful shoes really are like wearing a piece of art. The above is just a small selection of the range, the styles that grabbed my attention and that i would love to wear.

Alongside the gorgeous current collection, Sophia has collaborated with J Crew, with some beautiful styles, especially loving the polka dot Mary-Jane (Primark have done a version that has been a great seller), all three below, a modern take on a classic shoe, sadly though most of the styles are now sold out!

1. Penelope - a Mary-Jane with a modern twist £460. 2. Alicia - a simple bar shoe with a pretty update £480. 
3. Anneka - the classic court as you have never seen it before £395

Whilst browsing the website, i also discovered the new Mini range, it is nice to see a designer who is thinking about not only the fashionista but also her mini me. I am totally in love, with this adorable selection - i really want the little leopard print sandals called Gaga (wish they came in my size!) - image taken from the brands Instagram.

Also worth mentioning the great slogan clutch bags that are also available on - with a variety of cheesy one liners, a great quirky addition to a fashionista's bag collection, although a little on the pricey side at £340.

Which of the amazing shoe collection is your favourite?

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