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Finding the perfect nail polish is for me is just as important as finding the perfect pair of jeans, it can be time consuming but well worth it in the end. Up until last year I was a Barry M addict, with no real favourite shades but at less then £4 a bottle i was always trying something new, including some collours I will never repeat! I remember seeing the Essie brand in magazines and mentioned in my favourite coffee table book, by Emily Schuman from the amazing blog and to my surprise and happiness I discovered the brand finally came to the UK last year and is now stocked in both Boots and Superdrug stores. How I survived before Essie I will never know, even though it is more expensive than a lot of polish brands the extra pennies are well worth it - such glossy, rich colours and I could never make a set of nails last more than 3 days without chips developing, but with Essie I get a perfect set for more than a week. My favourite product is actually the rapid dry top coat "good to go", it drys almost instantly and means I can paint my nails just before bed and wake up without the horrible duvet dents in my manicure, that I get from every other brand.

With a colour for every occasion and outfit, it is not surprise that the UK is loving Essie.
I really enjoyed the quirky story/poem in the about section on the Essie website, a great way to introduce the brand and its' history to new customers - extract taken from

"once upon a time… a mademoiselle just out of ballet slippers, had an a-list idea. why should a damsel in a dress settle for nails au natural? from this stroke of brilliance, Essie Weingarten created smokin’ hot colors that were cute as a button and haute as hello. with blanc and really red in her carry on, she headed to Vegas, where she mesmerized the limo-scene with her stylenomics.
soon, every scarlett o’hara was jamaica me crazy for essie colors, from blushing bride and prima ballerina to bahama mama and big spender. even the devil’s advocate was sew psyched. it seemed there were no boundaries to mini how high this leading lady could fly.
in lady like fashion, essie sold good as gold, from the coat azure to fifth avenue – all while keeping merino cool. the secret story to success? sure shot chic color with a master plan that’s a cut above the rest, leaving the glamour purse set proclaiming, “it’s genius!" brazilliant essie color has become the shine of the times, proving that beauty is not just a pretty face."
With so many gorgeous shades to choose from picking my favourites was hard work but I have narrowed it down to my top 6 colours:

1. Lilacism - a satiny smooth lilac
2. Tart Deco - a dreamy coral with an artistic burst of colour (currently on my toes)
3. In the Cab-ana - self assured aqua azure *a new shade for me
4. Mint candy apple - a crime de menthe mint
5. Under the twilight - provocative smokey plum
6. Lovie Dovie - a perfect true flamingo pink (currently wearing)

Have you discovered your favourite Essie shade yet? Please share below...

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  1. * UPDATE
    Just re-read this post and realised that 7 years later I still love some of these shades..... Tart Deco is currently on my toes & Lilacism on my fingernails. Only addition I have made is adding in Saltwater Happy which is the perfect pale blue or spring/summer.


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