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Like most people these days, technology is a big part of my life - i am one of those people who would be miserable without my phone and access to the world. So apart from the obvious everyday apps such as Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest, I wanted to share the other app that has become a must for me:


Always intrigued by organisational tools, I was so pleased when apps designed to keep track of your wardrobe first appeared and very excited when I discovered Stylebook, after reading an online review. The only sadness at the time was my lack of Apple technology compatible with the app, as a Samsung girl this just wasn't available to me. I have tried many of the free options from the Google play store and have been disappointed, with the limitations of the app and the amateur feeling of the graphics. So when my husband recently decided to give in and buy an iPad I was on board especially because I knew I could finally catalogue my vast wardrobe and as soon as it was out of the box, Stylebook was loaded and I spent an entire weekend adding all my pieces (amazing how much time it takes when you are photographing every item). Unlike many apps that have a limit to the number of items you can load, Stylebook appears not too which makes the price of the app totally worth while, especially as i am forever adding items.

Once you have created your closet and added in all your items, you can then take advantage of the additional features such as the calendar, packing lists and style stats (helps you to see the items you wear most/least etc) to name a few. This app has revolutionised my dressing experience, especially as i am not a morning person and i can plan a week of outfits whilst sat watching the TV and without having them all piled up on the bed for the cat to fall asleep on, it also helps you to incorporate items you forgot you had, or come up with new combinations. Watch out for outfit posts/updates on social media....

App features:

I am looking forward to using the packing list feature, as when i travel i always take too much and still end up struggling with what to wear, but with this feature i can plan outfits including accessories before hand and pack accordingly.

Check out the video below for a full tour of this amazing little app:

For more information visit:

Are there any apps you couldn't live without?

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