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28 and Fabulous

So Good Friday was my birthday, and i wanted to share with you the day and some of the fabulous goodies I was lucky enough to receive.

First of all was a gorgeous tribal inspired necklace I got from the lovely ladies at work - from Oliver Bonas, a store I had never heard of before but was told was total Alison store and I have to say I did have a quick look on the website and I concur, particularly liked the homeware pieces, so think I may need to pay a store visit next time I am in London. If you too haven't heard of this brand, make sure to check out the website

Then came some dvd's from hubby - Mr Selfridge and season 3 of Buffy the Vampire slayer (a favourite from my teenage years that i still love to watch, and the only season I was missing). A selection of randomness from by best friend - beautiful hand blown glass bead necklace, a fashion illustration book and an amazing pair of earrings made from recycled bicycle inner tubes (fashion truly being green). Finally an Accessorize voucher and also one for Thomas Sabo from my brother in law (already eyeing up a cute cat charm with sparkly eyes). The remainder of my presents came in the form of money, as the only thing I really want at the moment is house stuff which I can't have yet so easier to bank to go towards some new goodies once we move.

Due to my birthday falling over the Easter weekend I decided spending some time at home with family was a great idea, so we spent the weekend out walking enjoying the sunny weather, had an amazing Nepalese dinner and plenty of cake! A lovely weekend with my hubby, parents, crazy granny, little sister and her fiancĂ© and Kelci (my soon to be niece), albeit a little loud, as we are quite an animated bunch especially with an excitable 6 year old in the mix!!!

View from the walk round Mum & Dad's house - so pretty in the sun
My take on Outdoor chic

Can't believe that is another birthday gone, starting to feel old! Oh well i have been spoilt rotten by my family and had a fantastic weekend, even if i have eaten way to much cake!

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