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TGF Edit: Soap & Glory

Although i use beauty products everyday i am not one who gets easily excited by a new brand or product, but i do have certain brands that i always use, like Aussie for my hair, Essie for my nails and Colgate for my teeth. However in December i discovered Soap & Glory (My December) when i bought one of Boots deal of the week gift sets. Since then i have been regularly using the goodies from this set and have discovered a new favourite brand, all the body products in this set have made my skin feel smooth and soft and not dry like most others i have tried. When it came to buying my skincare products this month i decided to try something new and test out some of the S&G range to see if lives up to the body products. Although most of this range is a tad more expensive than i would normally spend i do think skincare is one area that shouldn't be skimped on, plus this collection is included in the Boots 3 for 2 offer so i do save some pennies. 

1. Dr Spot - Super strength breakout clearing gel, perfect for spot prone skin £8.
2. Mist you madly - body spray mini, perfect handbag sized fragrance £3.50.
3. Make Yourself Youthful - rejuvenating face serum, just what i need to keep my face looking young and fresh £16 (pricy but worth it). 
4. Hand food - hydrating hand cream, a lovely non-greasy cream £5. 
5. Face soap and clarity - 3 in 1 daily detox vitamin C facial wash, gentle cleanser with an amazing smell £8. 
6. The Righteous butter - body moisturiser, great for keeping skin soft and smooth £10.50

All the above are available at Soap & Glory and Boots along with many more. 

Are you a Soap & Glory fan? Would love to hear your favourites and recommendations.

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