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Perfect Pairings

One of my 2014 resolutions was to try and spend less but wear more. I have so many great pieces in my wardrobe that i never wear or always wear in a certain way - i wanted to mix it up and create some new combinations, especially as i am trying to embrace new styles and especially mixing prints. Any new pieces i do buy need to be items i truly love. One thing i realised when going through my wardrobe - i own a lot of Topshop pieces especially dresses, think i may own enough to have shares in the brand, but what can i say - if the dress fits buy it in every colour! Below are my current favourite looks:

1 ♥ My favourite new Topshop neon floral dress teamed with a striped jacket 
and western boots from Next

 My new love, my Accessorize tartan scarf, teamed with a striped top, Topshop 
blazer and Dorothy Perkins khaki skinny jeans

3 ♥ Old Topshop mixed print dress teamed with a chunky New Look jumper and 
perspex necklace from Accessorize

Bright and bold leopard print dress from Topshop teamed with my tweed biker jacket 
from River Island and a statement necklace from New Look

I am intrigued to see just how many new looks i can squeeze out of my rather full wardrobe!
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