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I am normally a massive Mulberry fan and have been for years now, but this London Fashion Week i was totally disappointed - partly because there was no show, just a preview, this is usually a fantastic event that reminds me why i love the brand. Secondly i was not loving the new addition to the handbag family - for me the bags are what make the brand and i wait eagerly each fashion week to see the latest addition but this year underwhelmed was my only feeling when i saw the Cara bag's.

With a Bayswater construction and adaptable straps to allow for shoulder carrying as well as transforming into a backpack, this bag for me is trying too hard. Whilst the backpack trend has hit the highstreet and there are some nice pieces from Topshop and New Look, the Cara is something i am not sure the Mulberry lady would carry as it is a very casual style and does look like a Bayswater with extra straps stuck on the back. I also do not understand the use of camouflage on such a refined bag, even if it is a trend it looks horrible on such a constructed piece. Maybe it is because i feel Mulberry should be classic pieces based on the price points - but this style is too niche and to be honest ugly in my books. Will be interested to see how this bag does, as it did get a good reaction from the LFW preview.

Hopefully when we do see the whole new collection it will restore my faith in the brand - all i will say is comeback Emma Hill, under her reign the brand went from strength to strength and she gave us beauties such as Alexa, Tillie and Del Rey - styles that for me truly encapsulated the brands essence. Whoever takes over will have have some huge & fabulous shoes to fill!

What do you think of the Cara collection - loving or disappointed?

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