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Before Christmas i visited Waterstones and as usual spent way too much as i seem unable to visit and not leave with at least 1 book. My local store in Northampton has an great fashion department (mainly due to having an amazing fashion program at the university) and there is always something new to tickle my literary taste buds. This trip was no exception and resulted in 3 new additions to my bookcase and i thought i would share them with you....

Always one for a behind the scenes look, i enjoyed this book as it peeks behind the glamourous cloak that conceals the stylish world of Vogue. I have to admit i have never read an issue of Australian Vogue but as an avid reader of the UK fashion bible i decided this would be an interesting read. Reading about not only the highs in a magazine office but the lows and politics that come with every issue, not only intrigued me but also shattered a few illusions for me. I always had a vision of a highly glamour filled world with only a hint of The Devil wears Prada, when in reality this book portrays it as cut throat industry, hard work and more tears than tiara's. If you like to read about real life with a touch of glamour this is an ideal book for you.

My favourite kind of book, a mix of tips and tricks but also a great collection of imagery. This book goes one further than my favourites, the Sartorialist and Facehunter and not only shows beautiful street fashion photography but also shows you how to create your own - from selecting your subject to where to shoot and even advice on the best camera's. I have always favoured taking pictures on my phone, mainly because i always have it on me, but i am defiantly considering taking the next step and buying a decent camera. The book has been a source of inspiration and will hopefully help to take my photos to the next level.

Written by Tamara Mellon, this is the story behind the fabulous shoe brand Jimmy Choo and its humble beginnings. Not normally one for autobiography's, however as this was written by a woman who i admire, not only because of her amazing shoes but also her business sense and how successful she has been in a tough market, i had to read it. 
I have only read a couple of chapters so far but i am enjoying.

What books are you reading at the moment?

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