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If you are a lover of fashion this exhibition is a must see. Based around the era that became the foundation of the fashion world we know and love, the 80's were the birth place of many amazingly talented designers still wowing the fashion world today, including my favourite - Vivienne Westwood. This exhibition showcases some of the most influential designers of the decade and also the original street styles and fashion tribes that heavily impacted their work. Although a small exhibition it was a collection of 85 quirky outfits that sum up the most outrageous fashion decade and just how much street style has affected what we see on the catwalk .

The designer pieces show the bold and exciting new looks of the era, by the most experimental young designers of the decade, including Vivienne Westwood, Betty Jackson, Katharine Hamnett, Wendy Dagworthy and John Galliano. An interesting collection of different designers, some of which i had not heard of before, i especially liked John Galliano's pieces, although i am used to his work being a lot more flamboyant and this was quite reserved, apart from the ornate head piece - perfect for any occassion! Below are my favourite's from the showcase:

Vivienne Westwood, Betty Jackson, Evening Glamour and John Galliano

As i said the exhibition was small, so afterwards i also took the opportunity to walk round the V&A's permanent collection - another amazing slice of fashion history. I lost myself for a good half an hour in the 30's with long, simple shaping, and a subtle nod to the female form and then in the 50's with ballgowns in abundance and true glamour oozing from every garment. I found the below styles to be my favourites, especially the stunning crystal and feather embellished Pierre Balmain gown - a dress i would kill to wear, if only cinderella had an occassion for such an item.

The main reason behind this trip to London was for my soon to be niece's 6th birthday, whilst i re-visited the fashions on the 80's, my trip companions challenged their brains at the science museum - then we all headed next door to to the Natural History. I haven't visited here since i was a child so it was nice to go back and view this great collection of exhibits through my adult eyes. I have to say the only thing i remember from before was the dinosaur in the grand hall - which is still there and just as big! It was a great day, although keeping up with an energetic little lady was hard work - here are some pics from the day, just a few as i took a lot, including my favourite areas of the museum and the amazing animals of the mammals zone.

If you haven't ever visited the V&A or the Natural History museum, i suggest you do. With an exhibit for everyone a trip to South Kensington is well worth it!

Have you been to any good exhibitions lately? Any recommendations?

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