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My new style Crush

Since it was announced that the American super brand J Crew was coming to London later this year, almost every publication i have picked has some reference to the brand and its creative director Jenna Lyons. Now i have to admit until recently i knew very little about J Crew and the lady at its helm but since the frenzy about its arrival on the UK shore i have been learning more and more - including how much i love J Crew and cannot wait for the Regent store to open.
The most important thing i have learnt is how FABULOUS Jenna Lyons's style is, she is the epitome of chic and i am truly envious of how she can make a pair of jeans and a basic t look stunning! My working wardrobe is waiting in anticipation for some Jenna styling to be added.

Just a few of my favourite Jenna looks below - only included a few as i could have gone mad, this woman has truly amazing style.

On top of her amazing style she shares my obsession and love for shoes. 
I found this video in a J Crew interview, in which she shares her love of shoes and showcases some truly beautiful specimens that i feel my wardrobe is missing!

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