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My New Love

Last week i discover a new love.....

Launched in the UK 2011 this American brand has been on British soil for a while now however i have never had the pleasure until now. I only discovered the brand recently after a long ebay search for a new phone case. I also discovered the Covent Garden store whilst in the the city for work, it was an accidental discovery running around in the rain - such a classy place to shelter, although my boss did have to drag me out of the store, i could have stayed in there all day. I also now know that there is a store in Bicester Village - gorgeous product at a discount, hello trip to Bicester!

I am spending my birthday in London with family so i think Covent Garden may be on the days itinery, and with a free reign on presents me thinks Kate Spade's till will be ringing before the day is over! 

I found some amazing pieces both in store on on below are my favourites:

1. Gold spot iphone case - if only i had an iphone, wish this came compatible with Samsung.
2. Simple necklace with a sailor feel to it.
3. Sparkly Blackberry case, eyeing this up for my new phone.
4. Travel chic - spacious toiletries case.
5. Sparkly heels - if only i had known about these beauties, these would have been perfect for my wedding!
6. Book clutch - a new twist on a classic.
7. Kate Spade perfume - Twirl, love the bottle design.
8. Watch - gorgeous aqua shade. The perfect partner to everyday outfits!

and the perfect addition to my coffee table...

Check out my birthday post next month and see what goodies i end up with.

Have you ever bought from Kate Spade?? 
Leave me a comment and let me know what my your favourite's list.

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