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No Longer a Kitten

I wanted to do a small post on my kitten Willow becoming an adult. I yet don't have any children but Willow is my little baby. She has become a massive part of my life after my previous kitten Mulberry was tragically run over, so she is very precious to me.

She is such an individual, with a strong character unlike any other cat i have ever owned. I do sometimes think she thinks she is a dog, some of her mannerisms are very un-cat like. 
Talking to the toaster, sitting in the shower tray, an odd love for bags (handbags or paper and plastic - she isn't fussy) and fighting with the printer are all highlights in a typical day for Willow.

In celebration i have put together a collection of my favourite Willow pictures from the last year - all showing her cute, good natured self and that she can be a real poser!

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