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I am not really one for designer pieces but Mulberry bags are my Achilles heel. Although i am lucky enough to own a vintage Roxanne, which was second hand, i decided that once i got promoted at work i would treat myself. After many trips to my local factory outlet - Bicester Village, i still had not found a bag i was happy with. Although there were as couple within my budget they weren't classic styles and i am a strong believer in only buying pieces that you love. 

Yesterday however i struck gold......
On the way back from my holiday in the Lake District i managed to talk my husband into a sneaky visit to the York Mulberry factory shop, after reading a rave review by one of my favourite bloggers: A Little Bird Told Me "buying-mulberry-bag-for-less"

I have to say that i wasn't looking forward to finding the store in the maze that is York however apart from a minor mishap with the sat nav we arrived in one piece and were meet by a quaint store that beautifully summed up the English heritage behind the brand. The store itself was very traditional York on the outside whilst glossy and modern inside.

As i entered the store (after leaving hubby parked in the street) I was sceptical that there would be anything in this gorgeous shop within my budget. I decided that for my sanity i would ask the sales assistant and thank god i did! I explained how much i had to spend and the styles i loved and 5 mins later i was stood by a display counter with 5 bags in front of me, all well under my budget! I looked at a large black Carter with gold detailing, 3 different Tillie satchels ( 1 navy corduroy, 1 over sized cream tweed and a plain leather in navy) and a Tillie drawstring in bright pink (beautiful but a tad impracticable colourwise). 

After much deliberation I decided to go with the over sized Tillie in cream cotton tweed. I have always loved the Tillie family - much more feminine than the Alexa and after hearing that Tillie wouldn't be available anymore and at such a fab price i just had to have her! I spent a good 5 mins in front of the mirror, testing out all ways this bag can be worn and i have to say value for money - 3 bags in one (on crook of arm/on shoulder/across the body).

So original price £895, reduced to £495, final reductions meant i paid £295! Apparently i had timed my trip perfectly as it was the last week of final reductions!

I also treated myself to a brooch - small till point purchase which at £10 reduced from £70 was a great last minute find.

The whole experience was a pleasure as i think designer shopping should be. There are not many places on the high street that you will get such personal service. Everything from the initial greeting, to the care and attention given to packaging up my purchases in dust bags and the final tie of the ribbon on the equally beautiful carrier bag.

I am so happy with my purchases and although we did end up driving the wrong way down a one way street trying to get out of York i would say a very successful trip - just have to break the news to hubby that there will be a return visit at some point!

So if you are looking to invest in a Mulberry bag make sure to visit this amazing store - well worth it! 
Store details below: 

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  1. Love the bag, it's very you!!! Look forward to seeing it on a London Visit!!!


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