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Winter Style

Although i complain about the winter weather i actually love the fashion that comes with the cold chill. Fur, cute layers, hat's and the fabulous footwear. My wardrobe is usually a combination of true warm pieces like chunky knits and coats along with my summer favourite's with layers and warm tights.
This season i have an obsession with hats - my hair is now the perfect length to pull off a beanie and a fedora, so both have become a staple in my day to day dressing. Another staple is for me is boots - i have 4 pairs that i wear to the office along with UGG's, for a casual day, and welly's for those torrential downpours as well as for the snow and ice (who likes to see a fashionista on her bum!).
I will post something later this week on my staples pieces for winter featuring the above pieces.

I love to keep an eye out on the street and the blog world as so many people can get winter fashion wrong and end up looking like the abominable snowman under all those layers, however there are some who make it look effortless. These are the women who help to inspire my style in the colder seasons. Below are some of these stylish winter icons:

Laura Bailey last year in a stunning Mulberry Dress

* All pictures taken from Pinterest.

What do you love / hate about winter fashion? 
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