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There are so many beautiful jewellery brands around at the moment, with pieces that are accessible to all, no matter your budget. I have always been a Thomas Sabo girl, after my husband bought me a charm bracellet complete with charms for Christmas and my work collegues also bought a charm for my birthday. I find the idea of grown up charms such a beautiful way to personalise jewellery.

Today i discovered Pandora - i have never liked their charm bracellets as they seem to be much more of an investment, as they never look right until full of charms, however i have found that i love their stacking rings.

I chose to treat myself today as i was promoted at work yesterday to Assistant buyer and wanted something to reward myself for all my hard work. 

At £40 these beautiful rings are a perfect gift, and i have already hinted to my hubby that another one at Christmas would be nice. The basic ring with stone that i bought comes in a variety of colours based on birthstones, with more elaborate designs also available at higher prices.

I chose to buy the Pink opal as pink is my favourite colour and the Diamond (my birthstone) looked a little boring. These rings look good alone or stacked up your finger in varying colours.

Which brand do you guys prefer - Thomas Sabo or Pandora?

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