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ELLE of a Disappointment

I love ELLE magazine, this along with Vogue are my monthly bibles of fashion. Every month i wait anxiously, anticipating what new exciting articles and images will be featured and how these will influence my style. I also love the freebies that ELLE regularly has, from cosmetics and gift cards to shopper bags (my husband likes the Reiss bag that came free a few years ago - so much so he uses it everyday as a lunch bag!!) but i have to say this month i am utterly disappointed, not by the free item itself but the sizing! This months' gift is a Reiss vest top in three colours/designs but as with many magazine freebies the garment is 1 size fits all!!! A statement that really isn't the case.

I wouldn't class my self as a large girl, i am in fact the average British woman when it comes to height, clothes size and shoe size - this top however must only be about a size 6 or 8. Even though i can get it on, a skin tight crop top i'm sure isn't what Reiss had in mind when this top was designed.

I understand that a free item in a variety of sizes cannot be offered due to costs but as many people have tried to prove (Gok Wan and Trinny & Susannah to name a few) the average woman in this country is actually a size 16 so why cant magazines once every so often offer an item that us average sized ladies can enjoy. I am sure this isn't too difficult as brand such as Reiss do offer up to a size 14 in stores. Alternatively magazines could offer a voucher so readers can collect the item in their local store, choosing an appropriate size. This would benefit the brand as customers who may not normally shop there would visit for the free item and may end up spending too and the reader is also satisfied as they have a garment that fits!

With all the controversy around clothing sizes and the models used on the catwalk you would hope that an institution like ELLE magazine would want to include all sized women within their fashion bubble especially after their ground breaking cover this month, David Beckham the first man to ever be on the cover of ELLE magazine.

I am clearly not the only one who finds this irritating, many comments on the ELLE facebook page - lets hope they listen to their readers!

Thoughts please ladies.......

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